Jakob Østergård Carstensen
Daily manager

+45 5354 6160

Volcano started as a music management agency with focus on advising artists on market- and product development. This focus quickly expanded to include other aspects of the music industry. We looked at our business and the market situation and soon realized the potential to include related services within the Volcano brand in forms of artist booking, venue management, digital music distribution and not least commercial partnerships.

During the past 7 years Volcano has worked with artists such as Nephew, Kashmir, VETO, WhoMadeWho, The Floor is Made of Lava, Spleen United, Oh Land and Trentemøller. We have created the first winter festival in Denmark (Frost Festival) and run the venue Bremen Teater and the club Natbar in Copenhagen.

We developed a platform with high level of integrity and strong integration between projects. We experienced that our opinion was being noticed and that interest in our work was suddenly shown from companies not directly linked to the music industry.

We started to think more strategically on how brands might help to increase the artistic experience as well as how art and culture may support the values and visions of a brand. And inspired by the sports industries we became one of the first companies in Denmark to connect commercial brands with music, mainly in form of brand analysis and strategic/intelligent partnerships for companies such as Audi, GM, DSB, Royal Unibrew, Carlsberg, Helly Hansen, Puma, Carhartt, BAT and HIFI-klubben.

Establishing intelligent partnerships between culture and business and preparing artists and businesses to work strategically with one another towards common goals is an amazing and challenging task that has taken up more and more of our time and interest. And last year we decided to focus all our attention on this area of our business.

Currently, there may be 8-10 companies in Denmark who work consistently and strategically with their involvement in culture and how this may affect areas of their business such as brand perception, employee attraction, innovation processes etc. These companies often have considerable marketing budgets.

But we believe we have merely scratched the surface in terms of what role culture can play for the business environment and in society. We want to work with municipalities and regions, with local-oriented businesses and companies in an internationalization phase looking to create synergies between their brand and the strong presence and identity of Nordic cultural actors abroad.

Partnerships between cultural actors and businesses or public institutions vary greatly in form and purpose. We have created 360° strategies for companies that changed the entire brand, helped companies stimulate employees and enhance innovation through cultural partnerships and engaged in projects with the purpose of attracting population and skills to a specific region.

Brands and public institutions choose to work with us because we go further than simply connecting artists and brands. We engage on the level that is required of each process and take joint risk and ownership of the projects.

We wish to explore what culture and business can do together and we invite anyone with curiosity and initiative to join us!